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About Del Norte Animal Clinic

From the inception of our practice, we have seen ourselves as a dedicated group of professionals working together to do an excellent job for our clients.

german shepard on mountain

Del Norte Animal Clinic’s mission

Our mission is to provide the highest standards in the areas of preventive medicine, diagnosis, and treatment. We will deliver veterinary services in a compassionate, caring, and sensitive manner, never losing sight of the needs of our patients and their families. Central to our philosophy is a team approach that utilizes effective communication and interpersonal skills. This includes active listening techniques, empathy, and personal attention. Based on the needs of our patients and their families, we will explore appropriate treatment options with dignity and respect, always affording those we serve the same courtesy we would expect for ourselves. We realize that these ideals can best be accomplished by creating a tone of mutual respect, cohesiveness, and professionalism among our coworkers and colleagues.