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Pet Wellness in Albuquerque, NM

As part of our pet wellness, Del Norte Animal Clinic offers annual exams as well as microchipping for your pet!

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Annual pet wellness exams

At Del Norte Animal Clinic, we believe that an annual physical of your pet is the best way to diagnose and treat problems early. After a complete nose to tail exam, specific recommendations can be made concerning vaccinations, blood work, diet/weight concerns, behavior counseling and puppy/kitty, geriatrics, and end of life considerations.


A microchip is a tiny device that is inserted between the patient’s shoulder blades with a needle and syringe, similar to a vaccination injection. Each microchip has a unique number that is associated with your contact information and added to a national database. If your loved one gets lost, the chip can be scanned, the database contacted and your family member is quickly returned to you.

Veterinary Services in Albuquerque, NM